Razi Beresin-Scher

Many residents of the D.C. area see the vendors outside the Metro or on the street, but don’t take the time to purchase or learn about the newspaper and its vendors. Street Sense can always use your help spreading the word, even if it is as simple as telling your friends about the newspaper and the people who sell it.

Here are some concrete ways that you can help us spread the word:

  1. Mention something from the newspaper to your friends over dinner. We hope that our articles provide plenty to talk about. If you have an idea for a story yourself, we love publishing articles by volunteers with ideas (email editor@streetsense.org).
  2. Update your Facebook or Twitter status to help draw attention to the newspaper and direct your friends to our website where they can learn more. Maybe the next time they see us, they’ll take a second to get to know a vendor or buy a paper. Even things as simple as, “I just bought a Street Sense newspaper at Metro Center. It looks like a great edition!  or “I met a Street Sense vendor with an amazing story. I love getting to know them.” A little could go a long way to help other D.C. residents get to know us.
  3. Follow us on social media and share our updates when you’re interested in them.
  4. Keep copies of the newspaper in your office and on your coffee table for visitors and colleagues to read.
  5.  Give the gift of a Street Sense subscription. It will support the paper and give that person something great to read. They’ll also probably tell their friends about it and join you in spreading the word.
  6. Stop and say hi to our vendors. Even if you don’t want a copy of the paper, they’ll probably appreciate a polite “Good Afternoon” or conversation, and those around you will take notice.