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District Mugs is a social enterprise in partnership with Street Sense, a Washington, D.C. non-profit that offers economic opportunities to members of the D.C. community who are currently experiencing or who have previously experienced homelessness. The mission of District Mugs is to provide the homeless with the knowledge and opportunity to build a small company while using their creativity to design and sell a product. All money earned through this venture is paid to the homeless for their labor, design, and selling efforts.



We sell personally designed mugs, hand crafted by our artists. All profits go directly to the participants.


  • To create a self-sustaining enterprise run by the homeless and formerly homeless participants.
  • To establish a channel by which older participants can teach new participants how to design the mugs.
  • To develop a distribution channel to sell the mugs.



  • Provided an average 30% increase in monthly income of participants.
  • Educate participants on how to manage a small business.
  • Provide a sense of personal value, pride in achievement, and ownership of a business.
  • Provide an opportunity to interact cooperatively with other individuals in similar circumstances.
  • Develop relationships with participants through conversation.
  • Learn a new skill that they feel happy to share with their friends, children, and grandchildren.