Father, tell me why you took my momma first. I watch my sister cry while I watch my momma hurt.
Why my two baby girls never got to meet their nana.
Kids don’t believe in God. But they still believe in Santa.
Why my aunty go to church and the preacher make her leave.
All she wanted was a prayer and some help so she could see.
Why do bad people live and good people die?
Everybody knows the truth but the truth is a lie.
Why my grandmama die on the 4th of July, tell me why.
Tell me why I didn’t get to say ‘bye and tell me why I still feel her pain.
Sometimes I cover my ears and hear her callin’ my name.
You used to cover my eyes. Just kiss me surprise.
God, I wish it was me and you could still be alive, mamma. The world ain’t changed.
I see the evil things.
Father, they say bad people don’t get to go to heaven. My daughter’s askin’ questions.
Lord, I don’t know what to tell them, cause I ain’t got the answer to the questions they bringin’.
And I don’t wanna lie about the devil and the demon.
Brookee ask me, “Daddy, are you Muslim or are you Christian?”
Then she ask me, “Daddy, what’s the meaning of religion?” I told my baby, “God is in the heart and in the spirit and anybody with a broken heart – God can fix it.
Religion is a word that keeps good people separated.
The devil is a lie and the truth – he hate it.
So, we gonna say a prayer and ask the Lord if he could guide us.
I opened up my eyes to see the snakes amongst the righteous.
And even on the surface, I see serpents got a purpose.
I love the way he preach, but his smile made me nervous.”
Father, they say bad people don’t get to go to heaven.
My daughter’s askin’ questions Lord, I don’t know what to tell them.