credit: Enoksen/Flickr Commons



Black History Month is a time to share and celebrate what we have accomplished as black humans. February reminds us of where we came and where we are going.

I can remember when we couldn’t drive the bus or even sit in the front of the bus. Now we have black bus drivers.

Our race has accomplished a lot. We have contributed much to society and we will keep on keepin’ on with that. Now we have a month to reflect on our achievements. And after and many, many years, we finally have the National Museum of African American History and Culture to celebrate our heritage. I’m proud to say that even though the whole story about one’s heritage is never told, at least we have some idea about it. Now we can show and explain to our children and children’s children how their ancestors helped build this country.

I would like to see more exhibits in this museum describing our other contributions to America, such as how Dr. Ben Carson performed the first successful separation of twins. I also want to know who created the first straightening comb. And who was the first black bus driver? Our children need to know these things.

Black History Month is wonderful. But I don’t need a special month to remind me who I am. I am black and proud all year.