Computer keyboard
credit: Aff Photography/Flickr

Now, Metro is going to operate computer driven trains on the system. Again. The same computer system that killed nine people six years ago. Metro is trying so hard to please the public with this announcement, but it’s making me and a whole lot of other Metro riders very nervous.

This will happen only on the Red Line and only during rush hours on Monday. I ride the Red Line, and it’s a total mess. WMATA reports have shown a decline in ridership in recent years. I have personally noticed that everyday the Metro is losing more riders. Metro needs to bring in the right people who know more about the subway system. I suggest bringing in someone from New York because, in my opinion, they have a better functioning subway system. Metro is also looking for a new general manager and a new chief executive. We will see in the upcoming weeks and months how Metro will start to upgrade the system so we can all feel safer.