Mr. Nixter/ Flickr

On February 4 someone was stabbed on the Orange Line Metro. On February 3, I saw a young lady had money coming out of her pocket at the Metro. There was a guy standing behind her waiting for the money to drop.

“Excuse me Miss, but you have money in your pocket about to fall out,” I said,

“Thank you very much,” she replied and secured the money. The guy looked at me as if he wanted to kill me, it was scary.

The police will always tell you, if you see a crime being committed, don’t get involved. It’s easier said than done. With this kind of activity going on in the Metro, they still raising the fare. We have to bring change to our Metro system. It’s unsafe, but a lot of people like me depend on the system.

That’s why we need more police present on the Metro. Seeing them will make us a little bit safer, and we need that.