Metro through chain link fence.
credit: Marcelo Páez Bermúdez.Flickr

Some things happen for a reason. The more I see metro riders having their cell phones taken, wallets, and other personal items also, it makes me leave everything of value at home when I ride the Metro Rail system. Now we all know it should not be that way, but the way things are going with crime on the metro, it’s safer for me to leave my cell phone and other things at home. Now that it’s summer time, the people who are committing crimes are riding the metro more. Most people like me do not want to get involved when crime happens on the metro. That is the job of the police. Not ours. Plus, we pay the metro a lot of money. So they need to hire more police and train them more to deal with this crime wave.

Thank you,

Phillip Black

The Cat in the Hat