credit: Sybil Taylor

Happy Valentine’s Day
Sybil Taylor
Valentine Day is a very special day for lovers, friends, family, and pets and everyone across the world. Whether you are in love or not in love, the joy of Valentine’s Day is still special. Valentine Day is shared with kindness, love, and affection. Warmness and joy, with sweet roses and violets, Valentine candy and cards, stuffed animals, or a nice candle light dinner with a glass of wine. Valentine Day is shared in all kinds of ways. Alone, with a friend, lover, husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, special lets, Mom or Dad. Love is shared in all kinds of ways.
This is the day you spend with the one you really love and care about. The feelings are strong and real, as we cherish them in our special hearts. Everyone who doesn’t have a special someone, you can still enjoy Valentine’s Day doing stuff that makes you happy. There are many that are broken hearted, sad, lonely, and have no one. There is someone out there for everybody. Enjoy this day and smile because you’re not alone. There is sunshine and a ray of love down the horizon.

Collage Work by Sybil Taylor