credit: George Lezenby/Flickr

He is Risen

He has Rose up from the Dead on Easter Day

He is Shining so Beautifully

He is a Blessing in the Sky

A token of greater love

The greatest who laid his life down for us


Easter also Brings Joy

Going to church to thank our Lord and Savior for this special day.


Easter means jolly fun with easter basket filled with lots of candy and pretty eggs of all sorts of colors and lots of goodies.


Easter Bunnies and chicks happily along the way.  You’re never too old for Easter.


Easter dinners Ham, Deviled eggs, Potato Salad, greens all sorts of drinks and desserts.

Enjoy this day of thanks and peace all over the world

Happy Easter


Palm Sunday


The day that christ died on the cross and sheded his blood for us.


He took thorns and nails over his head and body

Naile to the cross where he later died

He was taken off from the cross and buried. For all to weep and cry of a gifted man.  Who has not done anything wrong to anybody but help and heal people.  He was later covered with palms from the trees.

Christ laid down his life for all of us on this earth.