Dwight Harris (illustration), Sheila White (concept)
credit: Dwight Harris (illustration), Sheila White (concept)

On Feb. 21, I was leaving Eastern Market after selling my Street Sense papers. I caught the Blue Line to Largo. The next stop, at Potomac Ave. Station, a friend of mine got on the train with a whole pizza.

It smelled so good. He was eating a slice and asked if I wanted one. And of course, I said yes. We both finished our slice of pizza and got off at Addison Rd. Station.

When we exited the train, two Metro police officers were waiting for us. We both got $50 tickets, for eating a slice of pizza. Wow. Who could have known that good smelling pizza would cost me $50. Oh well, I’ll never eat on Metro again.

Phillip Black is an artist and vendor for Street Sense.