Dunbar High School graduates Daniel Gibson and Quanya Reese speak to classmates about being hired by DCRA after completing a pre-apprenticeship program

D.C. Government Hires on the Homefront

The DCRA honored Daniel Gibson and Quanya Reese, two graduates of the DCRA pre-apprenticeship program at Dunbar High School who have been hired as housing inspectors. Reese and Gibson discussed their experience in the program, and representatives from District government touted the program as a path to a middle-class jobs.


The Solution to Homelessness Is Housing, Not Handcuffs

Eric Tars, senior attorney at the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty, explains why the Housing Not Handcuffs campaign is necessary. Housing Not Handcuffs seeks to end the criminalization of homelessness and provide more housing support.